Parenting and Personalities Podcast

One thing about being a parent – there’s no shortage of personalities to be surrounded by. Our kids, our partners, our family, our friends. They keep us laughing, growing, loving, and crying. If only they understood us.

Like the musician Van Morrison once sang “When people understand what I mean, mama said there will be days like this.”

Adelaide Australia’s Kate Mason is an author, wife, and mother who has spent her career studying personality and relationships. In this podcast she looks at why relationships work, and why some don't. She also looks at how our personalities impact our relationships and examines what compels our children, husbands, wives and others to behave the way they do.

This podcast is designed to help you understand those you love.

A half hour listening on your own, will connect you with the ones you care about the most.

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Podcast Host Kate Mason
Podcast Host Kate Mason