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What is the best thing about parenting? The joy that our children bring us.

The worst thing? Sometimes we just don’t know what makes them tick.

Parenting can be a tough gig, as every child is unique. Identifying the personality types of both you and your offspring can give you insights that will change your life – and your children’s lives!

In Who Is This Monster (or Treasure) In My House?, Kate Mason shares her forty years of coaching experience – in business, schools and parenting workshops, and through raising her own two ‘monsters’ – to explain and teach you how to recognise your children’s innate personality gifts and treasures.

Using humour, facts and fun, she shares the personality tools that provide you with a new understanding and knowledge about the personalities in your household. Solutions and helpful hints build skills and resilience that will help you solve the ‘monster’ moments and connect with your ‘treasures’ more than ever before.

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Who Is This Monster (or Treasure) in My House? will help you to...

Understand the personalities in your home.

Kate guides you through assessing your, your partner’s, and your child’s or children’s Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality type.

Gain insight into what drives each family member.

Uncover the unique perspectives, behaviours, and thought patterns of everyone in your household, so you truly ‘get’ them.

Connect better with all your little monster-treasures.

Use your new-found personality insights to connect more effectively with each other and nurture deeper, more fulfilling relationship with those most important to you.

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    How the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator works including the four sets of preferences that make it up.
  2. 2
    The 12 BIG differences between introverted and extroverted parents and how they might be tripping you up as a parent and a partner.
  3. 3
    How you and your partner differ (or not) on the first dimension of MBTI.
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Meet the Author

The Personality Coach Kate Mason

KATE MASON is ‘Australia’s personality coach’. An author, international keynote speaker, presenter and coach, she is passionate about people understanding their personalities in order to gain resilience and confidence. She believes that once you know who you are, you can connect with everyone in life.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Kate Mason has been a successful business woman for over 30 years and is an owner of SA State Swim. A former teacher, she is also trained in personality profiling and is an expert in the understanding of how personality affects lifestyles and relationships. She assists businesses, workplaces, and individuals to discover the impact that innate personality type and temperament play in their relationships. In doing so, Kate assists people in creating richer, happier, more successful lives in all areas: personal, friendships, work and business.

As the author of Who is this Monster (or Treasure) in my House?, Kate is driven to help partners and parents build understanding, resilience and happiness in their family relationships. Her purpose is to help today’s parents and children cope with the changes that social media and electronic devices have brought to family life and parenting. These new ways of communicating have cut off our basic human need for person-to-person interaction. Her aspiration is to give people the skills to bring back a sense of true communication, understanding and love in a world where people have never had so many friends and yet felt so alone.

What others are saying

As a first-time parent, it's important to me that I do whatever I can to better understand who my son is and respect what makes him different and special. Kate’s book is a treasure trove of practical insights that help me do just that!

Alisia Rampersad Expert boy-mommy and homemaker

I love personality-type analysis. And I love my kids. Combine the two, and you’ve got me. The workbook style of Who Is This Monster (or Treasure) in My House? Is the perfect handbook for understanding what makes each member of our household tick. Not only has it resulted in more meaningful connections, but it’s such fun to dive into as a family.

Kenneth Alexander Entrepreneur and dad

Packed with insights and thought-provoking exercises. Highly recommended if you want the best for your kids and your family!

Charlene Allen Marketing consultant and mom of 3

Are you ready for more harmony and better relationships in your home?

If you’re a parent who:

Then Who Is This Monster (or Treasure) In My House? is the book for you.

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Who Is This Monster (or Treasure) In My House? book cover

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